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Harrow Yard, Akeman Street

Project Information

This site is located within the settlement Conservation Area and shares its road frontage with an adjoining listed Methodist Church set behind two listed obelisks one side and a listed cottage the other. A steep level change up into the site, combined with a tight urban grain of existing development character in the area made for a challenging design response in order to sympathetically relate the scheme to its sensitive context. Once completed, the development was nominated for the ‘Chiltern Design Awards’ by the Local Authority as testament to the quality of the design and the quality of build commitment by our Client.

For further information on this project contact Residential Directors:
Jason Leonard- Email: j.leonard@woodshardwick.com
Tom Francis - Email: t.francis@woodshardwick.com

Critical Data

  • Client: Try Homes
  • Location: Akeman Street, Tring
  • Type: Private Housing
  • Size: 11 Dwellings
  • Tenure: Market Sale