Woods Hardwick Portfolio Woods Hardwick Portfolio

Arbury Camp, Cambridge

Project Information

Within the interior of the site are carefully placed dwellings in an intimate mews arrangement. Parking courtyards and private garages separate the spaces creating a much more informal configuration to that of the rigidity of the perimeter. The overlooked internal streets and courts comply with, and address Secure by Design. The overall layout makes sure that natural surveillance is prevalent and the environment takes upon a friendly and attractive appearance. A legible urban hierarchy is evident, allowing and encouraging the interaction of community.

For further information on this project contact Residential Directors:
Jason Leonard- Email: j.leonard@woodshardwick.com
Tom Francis - Email: t.francis@woodshardwick.com

Critical Data

  • Client: Persimmon
  • Location: Arbury Camp, Cambridge
  • Type: Affordable Housing
  • Size: 250 Dwellings
  • Tenure: Market Sale